Client Testimonials

Wish I hadn’t waited.  This is the first thing every business person
should do.  - Bill C. –Xavier University, Director of Basketball Operations

Jamie really came through with value that continues to impact our department in a myriad of ways.  - Bill M. – Sales Manager, Clear Channel Communications

You are an angel in disguise.  It took 52 years of living along with ADD for me to ask for help.  I could not have been luckier.  I love your professional help and the fun and caring person you are!  - Dr. Beverly W. Psychiatrist

Now that I have systems in place I’m free to do the work I’m here to do.  Jamie’s consultation and work were invaluable.  Her expertise and her ability to elicit the working needs of the project and the final product and to do this in a highly technical scientific field were impressive.  She understands how to get to the heart of how a system currently works or doesn’t, what the client wants from the system or project, and how to implement it to work effectively and without unnecessary complexity.  The system she developed worked extremely well and I have continued to use these concepts in my professional life, greatly increasing my creativity and effectiveness.  She is highly professional, extremely knowledgeable and skilled in organizing information, concepts, and objects.  I recommend Working Order, LLC without reservation to both business and personal colleagues.  - Carole B. – Medical Researcher / Systems Engineer

Our work moved a big mountain inside of me.  I was blown away by how you did that!  -Carolann V.  – Economist

Brain engaged, productivity flowing.  - Scott F. – OH --Clear Channel Communications

This is truly a broader vision in what it means to be organized & efficient.  The results are impacting every area of my life.  - Shirley S. – Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Now we are doing the most important things first and I can get my arms around all my business and personal projects.  Property files and data are highly accessible.  - Stanley S. –OH – Stanley A. Stein Real Estate

I no longer feel overwhelmed or under pressure.  Your ideas have changed the experience of my day profoundly.  - Tony H. --  Athletic Director, Turpin High School, OH

The city’s not broke, we just want to make it better.  We hired Working Order to clean up our filing system and help us raise the bar.  Our attitude in Blue Ash is that everything has to have a plan.  Working Order helped us create a fantastic plan and everything was beautifully executed.  I couldn’t be more pleased.  -Tom M. – OH --Director of City of Blue Ash Maintenance and Special Services, OH

Your services didn’t cost me a penny.  The increased incomes realized through improved systems have far outweighed your fees.  - Valerie J.  – Attorney

If I had had these skills while I was working at Procter & Gamble, I would still be working
there.  When I explained my problem to them, they brought me a psychologist.   They were looking at it from the wrong angle.  - Carol A. – Former Procter & Gamble Executive

Our Clients

Working ORDER Professional Organizers

“Sebens offers much organizing wisdom.”   –Cincinnati Magazine, OH

My boss promoted me after Jamie worked with me and my department!  - Chris B. – Sr Records Information Manager, Yum! Brands

I’ve gained power over my life that I never got from therapy.  I’ve gotten more out of this & I feel more in control than I have in years.  I’m finally living up to my potential because of my work with you!  - Dawn A. -- Caregiver

Your services were offered to me by my organization but I didn’t want anyone to see my office.  Finally it got so bad I didn’t care what I had to do.  I have felt like a complete house has been lifted off my shoulder since you left… I talked to (my superior) and told her how wonderful you are, and how much better I feel about who I am.  I am a new woman.  You are great!!!  - Darlene R. – OH – Social Services Director, Bethany House Services

Jamie created clarity and realistic expectations in my work. I feel increased ownership of my days and my life and am responding more than reacting, with lowered stress.  - Daune H –PR Specialist at Yum! Brands

Jamie has ways to get you to clarity in short time. She blends the elements of time management, paper flow, and email management with human compassion.  - Ed L. – OH – Clear Channel Communications

Knowing where my data is and how to prioritize has helped me focus and manage my ADD. I’m definitely responding more than reacting now.  - Erin R. -- Clear Channel Communications

There is no way to put a dollar amount in value of what I have gained as a result of my work with Jamie Sebens of Working Order.  I was feeling “stuck”, unable to move, make decisions or figure out where to start.  I was considering anti-depressants. Jamie coached me and I was filled with new energy and excitement.  I had just needed someone who listened carefully – I often think that maybe this was an answer to prayer and that she was an angel.  I have renewed vision, renewed attitude, and sense of purpose. My heart soars and I feel so good and peaceful – a huge difference. I am so much more productive and this has given me passion.  - Carole H. – OH Recruiter, Marketing & Sales Professional

Instead of handling emails and meetings half the day I’m creating more outcomes and results.  - Ellen K. – Owner, Goodwyn IRB

Your suggestions on ways to make the flow of paperwork move more efficiently have been extremely helpful.  Since our work my desk is just as well organized as the day you left.  - Dr. Greg K. – OH - Chief of the Optometry Clinic, VA Medical Center, Dayton, OH.

Business keeps on increasing since our work. I had no idea of the True Cost of my inefficiency until I did this work. This is serious mentoring for a wide awake life. - Jon P. – OH – Financial Advisor, Ameriprise Financial

Energy is flowing and everything works so much better.  - Fred M – OH Psychiatrist

I feel so in-control of my work and my life.  -Gary G. – CA -Director of Special Accounts , Mercer Abrasives

I have enjoyed working with Jamie and it has been extremely beneficial.  Daily tasks go much quicker with my templates for regular processes.  Interruptions are reduced and files are in order.  - Kevin M. – OH -- Xavier University Head Coach Women’s Basketball

This project with Jamie for Mead Corporation was a great success!  - Mike I. – NJ -- The Sherry Group

You helped me see the problem I have is not the problem I thought I had.  Thanks for your work and direction.  - Michael T. – OH – Attorney, Schottenstein, Zox & Dunn Co. LPA

Thank you for the clarity.  You were my catalyst to get me back on the road and helping me shed a lot of stress. It’s amazing how intuitive you can be -- I can't thank you enough for that.  - Michael S. –Chief Financial Officer,  La Rosa’s Pizzeria

So much was out of control before our work.  Now we are making steady and stable progress.  - Nancy W. – Owner, Premier Casino Events

I have longed for some non-judgmental help to give me hope and help me out.  I know I have been the last to believe in myself.  You really have no idea how much you and your work have meant to me.  You have a fantastic ministry.  - Priscilla B. - Administrator w/Fortune 500 Company

With her balance of science & common sense, Jamie gave me new tools for working smarter.  - Rod S. – OH – General Manager, Culligan Water

Partial Client List

Ameriprise Financial

Bethany House Services

Bethany House Women's Shelter

Beverly Wheeler, Psychiatrist

Bob Hope, Actor /comedian

Carole A. Baker, Medical Researcher

Cincinnati Public Schools

City of Blue Ash

Clear Channel Radio

Culligan Water

Cynthia Crane, Writer

Goodwyn IRB

Henry Blumenstein, Historian/Social Worker

Heritage Management Group

Investment Development Services, CA

Investment Development Services, KY

Jim McCord, Realtor

La Rosa's Pizzaria

Mercer Abrasives

Nancy Douglass Realtor, Inc.


P. Boyd, Orange County Public Defender

R D Weis & Companies, NY

St. Vincent de Paul

Schottenstein Zox & Dunn Co. LPA

Sherry Company

Stanley Stein, Commercial RE

Valerie James, Attorney

Victor Paruta, Psychic

Vintage Title Agency, Inc.

Xavier University

Yum! Company