Now that I have systems in place I'm free to do the work I'm here to do.  --Carole B., OH Education Researcher

I was confused by all I've learned about how to be well, and you made it so simple.      --Rhonda R., Mother of Three

I have longed for some non-judgmental help to give me hope and help me out.  Thanks again - you really have no idea how much you and your work have meant to me.  You have a fantastic program.   -- Pam B.


Whether organizing your stuff, setting goals, time management, or self-monitoring, we help you find the solutions that work for how YOUR brain works. A methodology is used to find your own organizing style.  It must work for how you live, how you want to live, and most importantly, how your brain works. For individuals at work and at home.
3 Fold Support for Your Life


Life Coach

Jamie Sebens

Finding new and transformational insights into understanding your needs, using your strengths, and living a fulfilling life.   Imagine learning to discard your blockages to become who you really are supposed to be.

The result would be deliberate living.   Organizing is not done in a vacuum.  We must also look at what’s holding us back.

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A Professional Organizer for 25 years, Jamie is also a Certified Master Life Coach, Wellness Coach, and the founder of Working Order LLC.  

She helps people create strategies and systems to become organized, focused, and highly functioning.

Based in Cincinnati, OH, Jamie works with people all over the US via phone or in person.
Lifestyle medicine for mastering the fundamentals of health and taking back your body, and teaching your body to heal itself again.

Natural approaches to nourishing and protecting your brain for maximum focus, clarity, and energy. Deliberate control of the most important areas of your life. 
Our mission is to lead people against their enemies of low self-esteem, unhealthy living, lack of focus and loss of power. 

Home Detox and Holistic Wellness Coach

Empowering Clients to Take Back Their Lives

Working ORDER Professional Organizers

Golden Circle Member of NAPO, the National Association of Professional Organizers